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Posted by: | Posted on: July 12, 2016

Copy siêu nhanh với TeraCopy 3.0


Copy siêu nhanh với TeraCopy 3.0


Một vài cải tiến của TeraCopy 3.0
(Trích lại từ trang chủ)


Engine TeraCopy 3.0:
– Queue transfers for the same physical drive.
– Wait for network or device recovery.
– Insufficient space warning.
– Save checksums to a file.
– Panama, Tiger, RipeMD and Whirlpool hash methods.
– Support for CRC32 in the file name.
– Better reports (html and csv format).

File list TeraCopy 3.0:
– Show skipped/failed/transferred items only [Pro].
– Remove all transferred files [Pro].
– Keyboard navigation and menu.
– Error messages below file names.

UI TeraCopy 3.0:
– Progress in the taskbar.
– Windows 8/10 notifications.
– ‘Rename all older target files’ mode.
– Replace mode and hash options.
– Timer in the replace dialog.
– Lots of bugfixes and UI improvements.

Download TeraCopy 3.0

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